Forklift Rentals

MaquilaInc can help you find a lift truck that you need for your business. MaquilaInc has a wide variety of rental
equipment that fits your needs.

Forklift’s capacities of our fleet of rental ranging from 3,000 to 12,000 pounds. Electric’s Forklift and Gas LP forklift
equipment that you can use in standard aisles and super narrow aisles.

Our rental service includes Monthly Preventive and Corrective Maintenance when required.
MaquilaInc offers attractive benefits in Annual Contract Rentals. Take advantage NOW!

Forklift Battery

MaquilaInc can help you rent an industrial forklift battery temporarily for your lift truck when needed.

Renting an industrial battery with us is hassle free. Our commitment is help you to run your business smoothly.

Our rental fleet of industrial batteries and chargers are ready to go.

Short and long term rentals are available in most common sizes.