The importance of Pallets

By MHEDA Journal In the annals of material handling, one element whose importance cannot be overstated is the pallet. Without the pallet, goods of all stripes could not be transported as quickly and efficiently. While it seems a simple idea now—indeed, we cannot imagine the industrialized economy without it—the palletwas [...]


Safety products

There is a growing tendency to raise awareness that safety is not only about protecting forklift operators, but also the employees who work around them. In fact, almost 40% of reported accidents are related to pedestrians, many of which can be avoided with appropriate safety products.However, no product alone [...]


Increasing Awareness for Open Dock Door Safety

Por Jake Stewart Las áreas de recepción de almacén son algunos de los lugares más concurridos de una cadena de suministro. Debido a las variables involucradas con la recepción, como personal desconocido (conductores de camiones) en su almacén, la irregularidad de los bienes recibidos y las necesidades cambiantes de almacenamiento [...]